Weekend 2

This was a 3 day holiday weekend in China.  May 1 is May Day, like Labor Day in the US.  So Tim got an extra day off and we had a great weekend.  On Saturday, Rodney showed us around the area near his hotel, and we met Karen and Yusef too.  The sun was shining for the first day in many, and throngs of people were out.  Sunday, we opted for a French afternoon.  A group had invited us to go on a picnic to the Botanical Garden, but rain prevented that.  We ended up at Annique’s home for the indoor picnic.  Thankfully, the weather broke and the whole group (9 adults and 7 children) went on a walk along the river.  It was interesting for us to get the American perspective on Saturday and then the French perspective on Sunday.  Two languages will afford us the opportunity to broaden our relationships in Shenyang, and make more friends.  Finally, on Monday, we navigated something on our own.  We had read about Clash of the Titans showing in English, so we taxied up there and communicated with the ticket folks, 3D glasses guy, and even the bathroom attendant.  And the rest of the afternoon, we repeatedly said to each other, “We went to the movies in China today.”  Next week, Iron Man 2!

Things are going well so far for Tim at work.  It is busy, but his predecessor will continue showing him the ropes until sometime in June.  We should start our Mandarin lessons here soon.  We’ll do that separately, but with the same goal in mind; to communicate in daily life and in traveling.  It looks like we will move into our apartment around the 17th.  No pictures yet though.  The following week, the last week of May, our cats will arrive while Tim is gone to Poland and then Thailand.  I am not looking forward to Tim being away, but we are both excited and anxious about the cats’ trip and arrival!

Thanks for all the great emails and comments.  Continue to enjoy!

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  1. I’m enjoying your new adventure in China. Glad to hear you are having a good time. Tell Tim not to work to hard. Remember, when you start taking Mandarin Classes, if a girl in the room has a heavy Southern accent and struggling to speak she’s going to be a good friend even if she never learns the language. Miss you guys and I’ll have Scott email when he comes over next time if you need anything.

  2. Great pics, hope you guys are having a fantastic time, it makes me want to book the next flight out. Do you speak and Mandrin at all? How is real Chinese food? anything like our take out? Keep up with the story and pics.

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