A Second Spring 2010

Tim and I have the fortune to experience a second Spring this year.  Spring had arrived in Lexington SC in late March / early April.  Then we moved to northern China.  Of course, I write this before the sneezing and pollen has begun.  So far, we’ve only seen the budding trees and flowers.  Thankfully, we chose yesterday (May 8th) as the day to head out for a walk on the Wu Li River.  This is very close to our hotel and will also be close to our new apartment.  The sun was out and the temperature must have gotten to 75F or more.  Gorgeous!  I said “thankfully” about yesterday because when we were out int he city today, the temp went down to 60F and it was windy with rain approaching.  There are pictures below from our walk yesterday and a few today.  Open up the photos if you would like to see the descriptions. 

An interesting topic that I haven’t mentioned yet; the Chinese time zone.  China spans 3123 miles (5026 km) from east to west.  For perspective, the distance from San Jose, CA to Virgina Beach, VA is also about 3000 miles.   So thinking about that, imagine the entire US on 1 time zone, as China is.  So on on the east coast of China, where we are, the sun is rising at approximately 4:30AM and sets ~7PM at this point in May.  By mid June, the sunrise is estimated at 4:11AM.  (I hope our cats follow the alarm clock, not the sunrise by then.)  And in December, we will be experiencing sunrise at 7:15AM and sunsets around 4:15PM, more than an hour less sunlight than Atlanta.  The time zone is just one example of a centralized government you may not have thought about.

Today, we saw our second movie in China, Iron Man 2.  Yes, in English.  We have noticed that curse words are censored on the hotel’s HBO, and they were in the movie today too.  More interesting than that, the references to “Russia” and “Russian” were distorted so that the audience members heard a different word.  I read on a Shanhai blog a similar post; that at first you think it is something wrong with the sound.  The Shanghai expat can read Chinese characters though, and said the subtitles read “mother language”.  Maybe they don’t want Russia to be seen as the villian, and that is where Mickey Rourke’s criminal character is from.  Or maybe just this week since President Hu Jintao was in Moscow last week…. interesting.

Enjoy the photos.  Thanks for sharing our adventure and for staying in touch.

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I started this blog in 2010 as we prepared to move to Shenyang China. Since coming back to the US in 2015, my writing has been less consistent. Trying to find a voice here...

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  1. You are in an adventure far from your Columbia METRO stomping grounds. The kitchen shows your areas and Tim’s broom and scoop are noted. A/C units are noticed and a wake up call with the grand view will make getting up easier. Little new in Columbia (I do not follow The State and the politics). We envy your courage and being so adventureous, but there is a huge age difference. The south of France and near Florence are our favorites. Stay well and enjoy. Ed (g)

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