Xiao Chi

Snacks have taken on a new meaning.  We can find plain potato chips, M&Ms, peanuts, fruits, and imported treats.  Or dried peas, crispy rice cakes, fried dough, steamed rice cakes with red bean filling, sugar-coated fruit on a stick, plain fruit on a stick, and roasted sweet potatoes.  You can also buy seaweed-flavored Pringles, dried fish, preserved eggs, stinky or fried or other tofu, shrimp balls, prawn crackers, pickled vegetables, chicken feet, duck tongues, green tea ice cream, shredded squid, scorpion on a stick and so much more. Which would you like?

So enjoy your xiao chi, or little eats!  And a few photos.

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I started this blog in 2010 as we prepared to move to Shenyang China. Since coming back to the US in 2015, my writing has been less consistent. Trying to find a voice here...

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