To Travel

My epic American road trip…  A 6000+ mile flight.  A 3700+ mile drive beginning in Detroit, Michigan and ending in Charleston, South Carolina.  And a return of another 6000+miles back to Shenyang.  I saw old friends and new, spent time with family, vacationed with Tim, and experienced Americana.  It was exactly what we needed after two years in China and after a very difficult spring.  It was a renewal one can’t describe to most people unless they know what it’s like.

And on day 1, sitting on the plane to Seoul, I came across this poem in the airline magazine.  It was one of those near perfect moments in life.  And I’m lucky to have had many on this trip.

Imagination by Kim Do-eon

When life tastes bitter and spicy

We long for another place

And imagine another time

To travel

Is to walk among dreams and imagination,

To say sweet, consoling words

When one is tired of loneliness

And struggling with a bitter, spicy tongue

Travel is like chocolate

Thanks to Tim, Mom, Korean Air, Henry Ford, Julie B, Zero, Honorary Zero and their clones, the Dairy Deluxe, running through sprinklers, Karissa, MMMR, Ron & T, steak & corn on the grill, Heidi, Chris, friends who love travel & art, the Tremont Hotel, Detroit Institute of Art, Geno’s East, the City of Chicago, Frank Lloyd Wright, Wrigley Field, the Federal Reserve Bank, air conditioning, the farm land of northern Indiana, Trisha & Jodi, more pizza, summer nights in a small town, Purdue University, Mom again and the whole IN-based family, a family golf outing, family meals, Ann & Phil, the rooftop bar in St. Louis, the St. Louis Cardinals,  Rene’, the Doran’s, the Collignon’s, crafts with friends and little girls, the Morrow’s, homemade pizza, Nashville, driving a car, listening to the radio while driving a car, Sharon, diners, homemade bath scrubs, Tammy & Garrett, friends who give you great books, being the star of your own movie, John J., shrimp & grits at Sullivan’s, the Koenigstein’s, friends who let you crash their family lake vacation, the NesPatt’s, the Grosskopf’s, the dream of living in the same city as good friends again one day, Sandra & Bill, Otie, the 501 Club – Kathryn, Kathy, Carol, Ruthie & more, the AYA/NF crew- Donna Lou, Kathy, Steve & Dawn, Beth Ann, Kathleen Flint, the BBBS crew-Tim, Tina & Heidi, Katy, sitting in a Mini convertible in Five Points, Karen & Kathy, talking travel with friends, Isa, Mary & all, kindred spirits & people who know exactly who you are, restaurant recommendations from friends, Lucy, greeting the new Hollingsworth dog and the next Grillzilla, I-26 to Charleston, pulled pork, Tim again, Folly Beach, CRU Cafe, Kaminsky’s, the PGA Championship, the Crab Shack, Lost Dog Cafe, Publix, people who love presents from China, being normal-sized, easy communication, being prepared to go back to China, thinking about the next trip…

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I started this blog in 2010 as we prepared to move to Shenyang China. Since coming back to the US in 2015, my writing has been less consistent. Trying to find a voice here...

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