Leaving on Wednesday

April 18, 2010 – We have had so much going on over the last few weeks, or rather few months, and now our departure is coming down to the wire.  Tomorrow, Tim will be driving back from North Carolina after having dropped off the cats at their temporary home with Joanne & Ron.  It seems Piper just moved right in and made herself at home.  Bandit eventually came out from under a couch to find a better sleeping spot on the cushy chair.  Daisy was still slow coming around; I’m not sure how long she’ll be under that couch, but eventually she’ll have to eat.

In addition, tomorrow should be the second and final day of our visit from the movers and packers.  Our house is full of boxes and random furniture.  I understand that the truck will be here in the morning to load up the storage items.  We hope to see all that stuff again in 4 years.  We are allowed to take up to 525 kilograms in an air shipment that will reach us in China eventually.  They’ll finish that packing tomorrow and weigh it.  Let’s all say a quick prayer that everything comes in under the weight limit.

So that’s Monday.  On Tuesday, we have last minute errands and some appointments, and dinner with friends.  And on Wednesday, we’ll turn in rental cars and take off.  We’ll fly from Columbia to Atlanta, and I’ll wonder if we’ll ever make that flight again.  Then Atlanta to Tokyo, the 14 hour leg that will hopefully yield at least a few hours sleep.  We have a short layover in Tokyo, then on to Seoul.  By this time, it will be Thursday night, local time in Korea.  We’ll overnight in Incheon’s airport hotel, then make a very short flight to Shenyang, China Friday morning. 

Tomorrow, I will celebrate my last Monday in South Carolina for a very long time.  And by the end of the week, we’ll be finding our way in our new home.  I will contemplate that as I fall asleep tonight.