Fall Gently

Fall is a beautiful time of year.  Is it that so everywhere in the world?

This fall, we saw Indiana and many family and friends.  I wish we could have packed the blue sky to bring it home.  Enjoy.















Foothills of Greatness

Today, we finally chose a picture to send into the Purdue Alumnus magazine (https://www.purduealumni.org/alumnus/), hoping to show off our world travels.  This is what I submitted to them and the President’s Council this morning, which inspired me to share it here, and a few more pictures of our Sarangkot experience.


My friend, Susan, and I are so happy to send you this picture we took last month at Sarangkot, Pokhara, Nepal.  Susan and I met in 1989, both playing saxophone in the Purdue “All-American” Marching Band.  We have remained great friends over time and distance ever since.  After graduating from Purdue in 1993, Susan spent more than 2 years in Nepal with the Peace Corps.  This year, she planned an amazing trip to see the country again, visit friends and host families, and experience a homecoming of sorts.  Since 2010, I have been living in Shenyang, China, so when I heard about Susan’s trip, I invited myself along.  We met in Kathmandu and later visited Pokhara, where this picture was taken.  We awoke at 4am that morning to make the trip to Sarangkot and watch the sun rise over the Annapurna range.  It was our distinct pleasure to show Purdue Pride in the foothills of greatness.  ***