Push Pedal Pull

When we moved to China, we were shocked to see so many Mercedes and Audis.  After a year and a half, a Bentley doesn’t even warrant a second look now.  (The Maybach and Rolls Royce I saw last month were quite impressive though.)  On the opposite end of the vehicle spectrum would be the cart, the bicycle, and the glorified wheelbarrow.  They are everywhere.  Some days, the cart load is so impressive we tell stories about it later.  You’ll be with a group of expats and hear someone say, “I saw the fish cart today.”  Or “The sweet potato cart in front of that building is the best.”  Or “What the hell has he got on that moped?”  The Chinese cart culture is fascinating to us.  These are just real people making a living or hauling shit around in everyday China.  So, I take pictures.  A lot of pictures.  Some of these are a little fuzzy from hanging the camera out a taxi window, but you’ll get the idea.

There are also Push Pedal Pull pictures that we haven’t been able to catch.  I have not been lucky enough to get a photo of the not so rare donkey pulling a wagon, but one day I will be quick enough with my camera.  And we have also seen 2 people hauling an 8 foot ladder on a moped and the ladder was standing straight up in between them.  Sadly, no picture of that either.  And I so love to stare at the people who are hauling someone else around with them.  I’m usually so busy looking at their faces that I forget about my camera.  But I did capture the fish guy, and today, the hauling of a pink blossom tree.  These are just some of the reasons why life in China makes us smile.