To market, To market

As fall settles in to northeast China, and the “squirrels” are beginning to appear, I am thinking of cold weather foods and the lovely potato & leek soup I’ve added to our regular dinner rotation (Thanks, Pinch My Salt).  That means a trip to the local market.  This is where I buy nearly all of our meat and vegetables, along with some fruits, fresh noodles, small breads, maybe a pound of peanuts, or some fresh, spicy cucumbers.  All smells aside, I like a market where the whole pig is on the table in the morning, or the chicken feathers are still out on the sidewalk.  I go to the regular supermarkets and the import shop too, but this is our real food movement happens.

I had previously written about bei shi cheng, but over the last couple of years, I’ve settled in to a regular appearance at a market in the Hun nan district, specifically in the Fengxiang neighborhood. On a recent trip my list wrote up like this –

  • 15 eggs – 7.40rmb (~$1.20)
  • chicken (4 breasts, 2 leg/thigh) – 26rmb ($4.25)
  • beef (1 kg minced, 500g skirt) – 120rmb ($19.60)
  • pork (1 kg loin, 1 kg shoulder) – 60rmb  ($9.80)
  • vegetables (various & plentiful, about 3 lbs) – 15rmb ($2.45)
  • new potatoes (500g) – 1.5rmb  ($.25)
  • 12 fresh rolls – 4rmb  ($.65)

And my list might have looked like this: