Shenyang Too

When the glaring white fills too many skies¬†of our Shenyang and China days, we learn to fully¬†appreciate the blue. ¬†Stand at the window and stare. ¬†See skyline details you’ve never seen before. ¬†Take your pink bike or sneaks out for a spin.

Do not forget that THIS is Shenyang too.

It is not just the staring, the spitting, the crazy, the chaos, the failure to understand and be understood.  It is different, and that is okay.  It is China, and we have accepted the privilege to live here for a time.

Shenyang is also the river, parks and greenery, locals out for the day, “hello” said from a distance, those enjoying the sunshine and shade. ¬†It is the kids who laugh, the workers who work, the riders who ride, and, yes, sometimes, even the skies that shine.

This is Shenyang too.


How right it is

I love flowers.  I take so many pictures of the blooms and colors, petals and leaves, bugs crawling their way to lunch.  What do I do in winter?  Flowers turn into snow.  Leafless trees hold that lonely beauty all their own.

In Hawaii, there were so¬†many things to see. ¬†On one hike, the guide said, “This is one place where you keep your camera ready the entire time.” ¬†I was in the right place.

Enjoy some of my favorite sights from Hawaii.  Identification thanks to this website,, and random Googling.

How right it is

to love flowers and the greenery

of pines and ivy and hawthorn hedges;

they have been with us

from the very beginning.

-Vincent Van Gogh

This Summer – a recall on blue

I took my summer Sperrys out for a walk yesterday, wishing for sunshine. I searched for colors, saw two things¬†I had never seen before, got rained on a little, and shared an overhang with a woman and her gorgeous handbag. While I take a few days to sort photos from our recent travels, I thought I’d share some sights of a Shenyang summer.

I choose not to include one of the dismal sky, preferring to remember the beautiful spring we experienced this year. ¬†This year’s summer sky is one described best by Barbara Kingsolver in Flight Behavior. ¬†She wrote, “Whoever was in charge of weather had put a recall on blue and nailed up this mess of dirty white sky like a lousy drywall job.” ¬†Yes, just like that.

I will keep wishing for sunshine and searching for beautiful things.  Enjoy.

More summer shots on Instagram @thesimpleadventure, including a short clip from a local noodle shop.  This post is ipod pictures only.















February Square Shots

This afternoon, I happened upon a lovely blog, The Daily Bubble Tea. ¬†I loved his photos and reading about his expat adventures in Taiwan. ¬†And I decided to steal his idea of sharing monthly Instagram pictures. ¬†Enjoy a few of The Simple Adventure’s square shots from February. ¬†Instagram @thesimpleadventure. ¬†Just click on the photo if you want more info.

Harbin Snow Sculpture
Harbin Snow
Harbin Ice
Harbin Ice
Harbin Hats
Harbin Hats
Tasting Tea
Tasting Tea
Thailand Temple
Thailand Temple
Birds of Paradise
Birds of Paradise
My Favorite

The gladdest thing

I love the fall.  Truth be told, I have nothing against winter.  But I do want to hold on to summer while I can.  I want to share some of the gorgeous floral sights to behold in Shenyang over the last few months.  Yes, all of these were taken in Shenyang or close by the city.  There are always flowers if we look.  So take a look.

I will be the gladdest thing under the sun! I will touch a hundred flowers and not pick one.  РEdna St. Vincent Millay