Off to Market

Last summer, a friend introduced me to Bei Shi, a market on the north side of Shenyang that sells vegetables, meats and some other wonderful products.  I returned the favor by introducing it to many others.   Now, this is one of my favorite places to go.

First of all, everything is fresh.  I’ve never purchased anything here that wasn’t terrific.  Second, the stall vendors seem to know us now.  They wave and smile, and they are happy when you buy something from them.  The make recommendations on what is good.  They repeat their Chinese if we seem confused.  The meat vendor where some of us buy our ground beef once spent several minutes writing down the characters and telling us the names of the various cuts of beef.  As if I’ll remember those.  I can’t even remember “apple” half the time.  Third, we buy fresh pasta, dumplings and tortillas there.  Of course, I use the pasta for spaghetti not Chinese soup.  And the tortillas make excellent quesadillas as well as their spicy egg wraps.  About a pound of fresh noodles costs 2 kuai, about 25 cents.  One of the best deals in China.

I would choose a visit to this market over a trip to any grocery store in the city.  Enjoy the pictures, and we’ll continue enjoying the gorgeous and delicious food.