Can you say กอล์ฟ ?

A very special post written by TSA’s other half…

Thailand – a great escape from the long winter in Shenyang.  For one of us, it was a chance to experience what we had heard about the golf, กอล์ฟ, in Thailand.

Thailand has a reputation as a top golf destination in Asia, and this is well deserved.  The golf courses are numerous, well maintained, and inexpensive compared to similar quality courses elsewhere.  The service is top notch, with locker rooms, showers, and great caddies.  You can even have your golf shoes cleaned after the round.

There were four of us golfing, all Michelin expats in Asia, from Shenyang, Shanghai, and Bangkok.  We played 4 times during the week, at the following courses:

Chiangmai Highlands Golf Resort (  –  A Schmidt-Curley designed course with great views of the surrounding mountains, and all manners of trouble for even a mildly errant shot.  The greens were rocket fast.  Beautiful, but deadly!

Lam Luk Ka Country Club ( – A Roger Packard design with 36 holes bringing a lot of water into play.  It has hosted professional golf events in the past and is still an Asian Tour Q-School site.  You are assigned by the Starter to play 2 of the nines.  With repeated visits, you would play the course 12 different ways.

Summit Windmill ( – This course was designed by Nick Faldo, and another one with plenty of water.  Amazing (read “expensive”) houses were visible along some of the fairways.  This course was definitely an exercise in risk-reward.

The Pine Golf & Lodge ( – Since our departing flight was Saturday evening, we decided to add this 4th round on Saturday morning.  This course is one step below the other 3, but it’s still a great course, a good choice as an “every weekend” place to play.

Check out a few of my favorite photos from the week.

Outta Nowhere

An incredible Cinderella story, this unknown, comes outta nowhere ….

Some might regard Shenyang as nowhere, but on cool spring mornings, and through the thick-hanging air of summer, the boy is out there with friends, escaping the week.  Golf is a sport where the average person finds success in a single shot, a single hole.  Yeah, I shot a 92, but did you see my drive on the 8th?  A few weeks ago, T’s summation of his morning round was, “I made a 30-foot putt!”  It’s something he’ll be trying to duplicate for the rest of the season.  Hank Aaron is quoted as, “It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. It took one afternoon on the golf course.”  And he probably loved every minute of it.

Back in June, T was a part of a mini tournament at Jiang Nan Golf Course in Shenyang.  Their foursome decided to expand and ended up with a great round on a sunny morning.  A good friend was there to photographically document the day, and I’m sharing some of those with you now.  There were scorecards and a winning team, but mostly, it was about green grass, a little white ball, a collection of sticks, and a group of friends.

Golf is a game where success is defined a little bit differently.  Golf is where “Greatness courts failure,” according to “Tin Cup”.  And the phenomenal Jack Nicklaus once said, “I think I fail a bit less than everyone else.”  Whatever your green is in life, may you read it well, swing through, and find your own Cinderella story.  And for those who strive for the winning shot at Augusta,

I compiled Pascal’s collection of photos into a slide show as well, if you are so inclined.