A Beautiful Bride

Earlier this year, I wrote about weddings.  Months ago, I was honored to attend another.  My friend, Grace, married a hard working, loving man.  I am so happy for them both, and now, for their little peanut on the way.

At the time, she asked me to compile their wedding portraits into a video for the reception.  What a wonderful memory I’ll have of their beginning.  And, really, their beginnings.  I think my favorite part was seeing their childhood photos.  Here are some insights into Shenyang about 25 years ago, as well as her husband’s hometown in the south of China. Of course, I’m sharing a few of her wedding photos too.  A modified version of the video can be viewed at http://youtu.be/tvw_NG__e2s.  Enjoy.


Yes. Please.

There were quite a few authentic and traditional Chinese dishes we had to try when we went to Xi’an.  We did our very best to eat our way up and through the Muslim Quarter.  Some things, we had to try more than once or twice, just to give it a fair shake.

Rou jia mo is like a Chinese hamburger on a flatbread-type bun.  Every one of the 4 I tried (ha!) was fantastic, and the spicy vegetarian version (cai jia mo) was fantastic too.  Biang biang mian is a carbohydrate dream – wide, thick, long hand-pulled noodles in a sauce of varying spiciness.  Yang rou chuanr is a lamb skewer and at each stall, there are different spices available for you to add your own.  Cumin is a regular favorite.  There were sweet rice cakes, nutty candy, fried little potatoes, noodles, fruits and vegetables, drinks, nuts, breads and so much more.  Enjoy!

Apartment Photos

We did a walk-through on our apartment yesterday and will be moving on Sunday!  The views are great, but that’s what you get for living on the 10th floor.  I’m glad the sky was bright when I took these; I imagine the view will be a bit more somber in winter, but we’ll be warm inside.  More details are attached to the photos.  🙂