Halloween Costume

Shenyang is wearing an interesting Halloween costume today – a 969 air quality index.  I guess my costume will include a face mask.  It makes for a spooky day that leads one to wonder how many days are being taken away by breathing a fraction of that air outside.

Taking my life and lungs on a walk to school through this shit this morning. How appropriate that the latest “gift” from the company was a package of masks. The last gifts (air purifiers) are working overtime.

FYI, AirNOW lists the daily ratings in the US these days at 92 or less in southern California.

Happy Halloween!

AQI rating of 969
AQI rating of 969

Another Walk Along the River

I would prefer to take pictures on blue sky days, but in this city, it is not always possible.  Sometimes, you make a plan for a walk or a bike ride and you end up with a 275 air quality index.  Cover your mouth and hop on your pink bike.  Beautiful view, albeit veiled in pollution, await.  Enjoy.