Making a life

I think I have written this before – that when we didn’t just want to live in China, but to make a life here.  And life just happens.  I haven’t written a blog post in a while because life was happening.  Business trips.  Cooking new recipes.  Watching tv.  Going to the gym.  Starting new volunteer work.  Continuing previous volunteer work.  Cats. Summer. And more.  You know how it goes.

Earlier this week, I shared a taxi with a teacher who was very happy to practice her English with me.  She also took the time to translate what the taxi driver said.  It seems he was very excited to have a foreigner in his taxi; he had never had one before.  Then to find out that I was an American and could understand a little bit… well, I think I made his day.  He asked (through the friendly translator) if I like taxis.  I told him that I do because I can watch life in China.  I like to watch people doing their own thing and remember what a small world it is.  I told him life in the US is different, but the same.  We are all just trying to make a life, hopefully.

So here are some more pictures of daily life in Shenyang.  These are from some of my July taxi travels around town.  These are just moments in my life.