My Pink Bike has Mud Flaps

Is it mudflaps or mud flaps?  Either way, my new pink bike has them.  And I took them out for a spin along the Hun River when spring was showing its first beautiful signs a couple of weeks ago.  When we experience days like this, we must take advantage!

The Hun He (Hun River), previously known as the Shen River, gave the city its name.  Before urban sprawl, the city was on the north side of the river, the yang side, hence Shenyang.   (I wonder what they would have considered urban sprawl 7,200 years ago when the first residents came to this spot.)  Though there is much talk about the river’s pollution from industrial run-off, the government has done a great job making a green beltway as a hub for many recreational activities.  This includes my 12 km mudflap test ride.  Enjoy some pics and a moment of zen.

The Search

Lately, I’ve been searching for spring.  In April, the temperatures in northern China have moved from a down-coat-boot-wearing high of 15F to a lovely sweater-trench-wearing 50F.  Today, the sign on the street outside our window proposes a whopping high of 60F.  Of course, that temp is probably happening outside while I sit here and type this.  When the sand storm inducing wind picks up this afternoon, I’ll be glad I’m still wearing a sweater.

Two weeks ago, I had blue skies and no wind for my walk to the post office and around the block.  But the only evidence of spring was a few green blades of grass seen as I walked back into our neighborhood at the end of 3.5km.

Yesterday, I walked from the doctor’s office to the Imperial Palace along Dadong Road, also about 3.5km.  Lo and behold, spring has arrived in that part of the city.  The trees are beginning to bloom and I have photographic evidence, obtained much to the delight of the 20 or so people staring at me and my camera.

So, while thoughts of friends going through difficult times weigh on my mind, I can at least find some comfort and smile at the signs of spring.