So Many Beautiful

The 1st graders at school have a little trouble with certain parts of English grammar. ¬†For example, when they want to say they ate too much, or that they like something a lot, they say, “I ate so many lunch.” or “I so many like it.” ¬†As teachers, we find ourselves using this phrase to express the same gleeful satisfaction. ¬†On my December trip to Jiangxi Province, someone may have asked, “Isn’t it beautiful?” ¬†Yes. ¬†So many beautiful.

Wonderful hostel for about 150rmb/night: ¬†Jingdezhen Youth Hostel at the Sculpture Factory –¬†

Fantastic Guide & Driver (and he can show you the best coffee in JDZ):

Helpful Webpage to learn more (Thanks, Time Out Shanghai!):

Beautiful shop and residency available from The Pottery Workshop (shops located in other cities too):

Beautiful retreat to visit and residency available from Sanbao: