A Little Day Music

In November 2011, I had the pleasure to attend a small music concert performed by professors from the music university in Shenyang, China on their traditional Chinese instruments.  It is not my typical fare, but I certainly enjoyed it and have since learned more about these stringed wonders.

Recently, I’ve embarked on a computer clean up and didn’t want these videos (albeit not so well shot) to go to waste.  Someone might enjoy them, and I’ll be able to see them for years to come.  It is 11 minutes so skip through for a taste if you like.

Enjoy a little day music today.

Special thanks to an amazing woman named Kazumi who organized this concert, and another the following year.  The video is from 2011.  The photos represent both years.

Video:  http://youtu.be/cI2HlIor-dw

For more information on traditional Chinese instruments:  http://www.philmultic.com/home/instruments/