Om Mani Padme Hum

Sometimes when we travel, I wonder if it will be a once in a lifetime trip.  There are so many places to see with what time we have.  Should it always be somewhere new, or shall we make a choice to see the familiar once again?  As we prepared for Tibet, and one does prepare for a trip like this, I wondered if it would be our only chance.  So we made the most of it, as always, enjoying every simple, adventurous moment.  And when it was done, my wonder changed.  I wondered when we’d be back.

After our return, several friends and family members have asked how it was.  I used the familiar “amazing” to describe the experience.  But, truly, I am not quite ready to put my answer into words.  It is a feeling.  Amazement, fascination, calm, wonder.   Tibet is a beautiful feeling.

I am happy to share just a few images of wonder.  I’m sure there will be more.